How are the directors of JCLLC elected?

There is an biannual election in which any company member is encouraged to self-nominate.  Up to eight directors are elected and up to four further directors may be co-opted within the two year period.

Chair - Dorothy Stainsby

After retirement in 2007 from a medical career as a Consultant in Haematology and Blood Transfusion, I completed a BA(Hons) in History with the OU and attended sessions at the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) . I was delighted and relieved when Joseph Cowen LLC CIC came into existence to rescue Explore in 2013, and volunteered to help with office support, working alongside Anne Bundock. After Anne stepped down I became Director with responsibility for office administration, a role which would not be possible without the dedicated help of our fantastic team of volunteers. 
Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Dorothy Stainsby adult education
When not at Explore my time is fully occupied with family, especially our six small granddaughters.  My husband and I are enthusiastic supporters of live classical music and opera, and when possible I also get out walking, and practice yoga.

Christine Burridge

Since CLL died and Explore rose from the ashes I have participated as a student, an office volunteer, voluntary (amateur) photographer at marketing events, organiser of course content related ‘field trips’ in Season 4, and programme planner in relation to Perspectives one hour lunchtime presentations. Recently, I even became a ‘tutor’, presenting a session to replace a cancellation.   In terms of other interests: I am a member of the North Eastern Geological Society, currently Secretary), a member of Voice North ((Valuing our Intellectual Capital and Experience) and their Research Support Group.  Currently, in organising a public day event to happen in British Science Week 2016 (for members and marketing) I see the potential for more such events.  
Jospeh Cowen Centre 2017 Christine Burridge adult education
Explore exists in an area with cutting edge research happening in our surrounding universities – we should tap this resource. It is to be noted that I am not a scientist, but do have an abiding interest in discovery in all its forms. This is why I came to CLL originally and why I now let myself be nominated to a group that can enable the magic of discovery in others, but this must be maintained at a good academic level.

Bronwen Calvert

I’ve taught all kinds of modern and contemporary literature from the early 1900s right up to the present. I'm an Associate Lecturer with the Open University in the North of England, teaching literature and humanities modules. I was Subject Area Leader in Literature at the North East Centre for Lifelong Learning from 2004 until the closure of the Centre in September 2013.  I have special interests in 20th century women writers, especially Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf and Willa Cather, and 20th century and contemporary Canadian writers.
Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Bronwen Calvert adult education
My current academic research – a development from my PhD's feminist re-reading of cyberpunk fiction – is on ideas around embodiment and technology in television series like Supernatural, Dollhouse, X-Files, Fringe and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This allows me to watch television and call it work!

Jo Campion

I am a retired physics teacher who has been a member of Explore and its predecessors for more than ten years.  It has enabled me, a scientist, to develop my interests in literature and the humanities by providing diverse courses which are both interesting and challenging.  During this time I have been an Ambassador, helping to promote membership, an office volunteer during the first year of Explore and recently a member of an outreach group. 

  I was and remain happy to get involved because I want Explore to continue and thrive.  To do this it will need to maintain the spirit of innovation which has characterised its first two years and made it such a pleasure to be part of.  To achieve this we will have to increase membership numbers and in my mind this must continue to be one of our primary objectives.  I would hope to bring a logical and rational approach to the Board as well as the experience of being a critical friend and promote science and technology in the content of Explore.  
Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Jo Campion adult education

Louise Freeman

I have been an Explore member since 2012.  I mainly attend literature and art history in Explore but drop into a variety of topics from time to time.  I attend Alan Beale’s Latin class at the Lit & Phil as well as art group in Felton and ballet at Dance City.  I am also a consultant in emergency medicine.
Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Louise Freeman adult education

Colm O'Brien

I am interested in the ways in which western Europe emerged from the shake-out of the decline of the Roman Empire, and this is the area of most of my teaching and research.  I like to work with both archaeology and text sources.  I set up the Bernician Studies Group (BSG) with Max Adams under the former Explore programme and this group too has arisen, phoenix-like, from the collapse.  Under this banner, we are engaged on study and a field research project in the Irish Republic, in County Donegal. 
Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Colm O'Brien adult education
We are looking at both site-specific detail and wider landscape settings of a group of early monasteries on the Inishowen peninsula. We have been led to this area by our interest in understanding and exploring the networks of information exchange which operated across the early Christendom of western Europe.  One of our BSG members coined the term Ecclesiastical Superhighway for the operation of these networks.  It’s a good metaphor; and we can extend it to the idea of the nodes or hubs through which information is transmitted: these are the monasteries. 

Jack Pennie

I was born in Mackum land in 1951 and I therefore not only part of the youth wing of JCCLL but also officially Bolshie.  I joined JCCLL 4 years ago.  I hope I can bring a different perspective to bear being a non-academic with an engineering background, I have been imbued with the constant need to improve and increase efficiency I am an adaptor rather than a pure innovator.  Looking at the world from a slightly different angle. Looking at the latest round of local government cut backs, the closure of libraries and the reduction in adult education, I would be looking for partnership with local authorities to bring Explore to some of those groups that are currently vulnerable.  Subsidised outreach; we are no longer an academic group as much of a wide-ranging interest group.
Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Jack Pennie adult education

Joy Rutter

We moved to Gateshead in August 2009 and I joined Explore in October. I consider it one of the best things that ever happened to me, for the stimulus it gives and the friendships I have formed. Its loss would be a tragedy, and I have felt privileged to play a part in its continuance through Joseph Cowen Lifelong Learning Centre.  Long may it live!
We moved to Gateshead in August 2009 and I joined Explore in October.  I consider it one of the best things that ever happened to me, for the stimulus it gives and the friendships I have formed. Its loss would be a tragedy, and I have felt privileged to play a part in its continuance through Joseph Cowen Lifelong Learning Centre.  Long may it live!

Treasurer - Ken Young

After a career predominantly in Education, as teacher of French in my youth and university administrator when rather less youthful, I welcome the opportunities offered by Explore in my retirement. I was a keen member of the old Explore scheme and one of the original 'gang of four' directors who set up the new Community Interest Company in 2013. My responsibilities on the Board are financial, in which role I work closely with our Treasurer, Fiona MacCarthy. My Explore interests are fairly wide, though perhaps with a particular interest in history, and in philosophy which I encountered in Explore as a complete novice. I also use Commercial Union House as a language student, having learnt Italian to A level as a retirement project.

Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Ken Young adult education

JCLLC 2016 Election Results

Result (8 to elect)
Michael Leddra withdrew as a candidate.
Kenneth Young ....................................55 Elected
Dorothy Stainsby ................................49 Elected
Bronwen Calvert ................................ 46 Elected
Joy Rutter ........................................ 46 Elected
Colm O’Brien ......................................43 Elected
Christine Burridge ..............................41 Elected
Louise Freeman ................................. 40 Elected
Edward (Jack) Pennie ........................33 Elected
Beatrix Groves .....................................30
Joan (Jo) Campion ............................. 29

The full report of the results from the Electoral Reform Services is available to download here
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