Legacy project - promotional film - August 2017

Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 film meeting Northern Stars adult education
The membership development team recently met with Northern Stars from the Tyneside Cinema to discuss the production of our new promotional film.  Various cuts of the film will be used on our own website, social media, at events and even at the Tyneside Cinema itself to accompany carefully selected films!  

This is the second major development project to be enabled by Gordon Brown's legacy.

Legacy project - marketing training with PERRO -  June 2017

Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Newcastle Business School student consultation report adult education
JCLLC has undertaken its first development project with the Gordon Brown legacy funds.  Andy Ditchburn, of PERRO, delivered training on marketing strategy and planning to the membership development team.  Andy presented his findings and recommendations to the JCLLC board.  If you would like to read Andy's full report, please email the office on and we can send the report as a PDF.

The photo shows the team at the start of two half day workshops.

Special Resolution - should JCLLC become a Charitable Interest Organisation (CIO)? - May 2017

In an electronic ballot held in May 2017, JCLLC CIC members overwhelmingly approved a Special Resolution to convert JCLLC from a Community Interest Company to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

95/113 members voted, of whom 93 (82% of the total membership) approved the resolution and 2 opposed.

With this endorsement we will now proceed with the conversion which will entail the adoption of a new governing document, and transfer of assets.

Dorothy Stainsby 
Joseph Cowen Lifelong Learning Centre

Newcastle University Business School Student Consultation report now available - April 2017

Joseph Cowen Centre 2017 Newcastle Business School student consultation report adult education
JCLLC has recently been working with a student team from the Newcastle University Business School who have now provided their final report.  The students were specifically looking at our marketing.  They said 'The team's appreciation is also extended to the Explore tutors and members who completed our questionnaires and spoke to us, helping us to gain invaluable insights'.

An executive summary of the report is available by clicking here.
If you would like to read the full report, it is available in the Explore office.

Important News of a Generous Legacy - 14th March 2017

Most Explore members will remember Gordon Brown, an enthusiastic and committed member who sadly died last year. Subsequently we were deeply touched to be contacted by his executors to inform us that he had bequeathed to Joseph Cowen Lifelong Learning Centre a substantial legacy of £20,000, plus an additional sum on completion of probate. 
We had intended to delay informing members about this generous bequest until we had some concrete plans for its use. However it is relevant to the current discussion about whether JCLLC should become a charity, so we thought we should let you know about it now. 

Possible uses of the legacy which are currently under consideration are:
  • An annual endowed lecture (Insights and the Lit and Phil are currently being explored)
  • Marketing initiatives e.g. a promotional film
  • Improved facilities for members
  • Investment to protect the long term future of JC LLC
We are enormously grateful to Gordon for this generous gesture, which ensures our ongoing viability and offers possibilities for expansion, and we will keep you informed of developing plans for its use.

With kind regards, on behalf of Joseph Cowen Lifelong Learning Centre Directors

Dorothy Stainsby and Ken Young
Chair and Finance Director ,
Joseph Cowen Lifelong Learning Centre

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